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ActLight recently participated in the Tech Tour Growth Deep Tech 2024 event held in Leuven, Belgium (April 11-12, 2024). This gathering, known for its focus on fostering connections within the deep tech space, brought together over 180 key players, including leading investors, corporations, and fellow innovators. The event provided a valuable platform for ActLight to showcase its innovative Dynamic PhotoDetector (DPD) technology and its commitment to fostering secure and collaborative innovation within the wearable device and broader tech industry.

IP Protection A Cornerstone for Growth in Wearable Devices

ActLight CEO, Serguei Okhonin, took center stage with a presentation on the critical role of robust patents in driving innovation in wearable devices and the broader tech space. Mr. Okhonin’s presentation delved into the specific challenges faced by companies developing wearable devices in today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape as well as the importance of robust intellectual property (IP) protection in safeguarding breakthroughs and ensuring a fair return on investment. Mr. Okhonin emphasized how rapid innovation cycles can leave companies vulnerable if they lack strong patent portfolios. ActLight’s DPD technology stands out in this regard. Not only does it offer advanced light sensing capabilities ideal for wearable applications, but it is also backed by a secure patent portfolio, with over 30 registered patents. This unique combination allows ActLight and its partners to confidently explore new possibilities in wearable technology, secure in the knowledge that their innovations are protected.

Discussions at Tech Tour Growth Deep Tech 2024 further underscored the importance of IP protection. ActLight participated in insightful conversations with industry leaders surrounding the complexities of navigating IP in the tech sector. These discussions highlighted the growing number of patent disputes and legal challenges faced by companies in this space. ActLight emphasized its commitment to enabling business innovation while simultaneously safeguarding intellectual property through well-defined patent strategies. By prioritizing IP protection, ActLight aims to create a more secure and predictable environment for all stakeholders in the wearable device and broader tech industry.

What we are doing, we are using devices slightly differently, in a dynamic way. Instead of keeping the voltage constant, we switch it from reverse to forward and detect the time when the forward current starts. Simply put, when everybody else would measure photocurrent, we are measuring time.” – Serguei Okhonin

Collaborative Innovation: A Pathway to Accelerated Success

Beyond the focus on IP protection, a key highlight of the event was a standout workshop on “Corporate Partnering and Non-equity-based Models.” ActLight has long championed this approach to innovation, fostering a culture of shared success through collaboration with industry leaders. ActLight believes that by strategically partnering with established corporations, it can accelerate product development and market reach. These partnerships leverage the combined expertise and resources of both parties, allowing ActLight to benefit from the corporation’s established infrastructure and market knowledge, while the corporation gains access to ActLight’s cutting-edge DPD technology. This collaborative approach benefits not just ActLight but also its partners, allowing them to integrate innovative technology into their products and offerings more efficiently, ultimately bringing these advancements to market faster.

Looking Forward: A Promising Future for Deep Tech

The future of deep tech is undeniably promising, with collaborative innovation and secure IP protection serving as the cornerstones of success. Events like Tech Tour Growth Deep Tech 2024 play a vital role in fostering these principles by creating a platform for connection and knowledge exchange. ActLight’s participation in the event was a success, providing a valuable opportunity to showcase its commitment to secure innovation and collaborative partnerships. Looking beyond the event itself, some key takeaways highlight the promising future of deep tech:

  • Increased Investment: The presence of active investors from across Europe underscores the growing interest and investment potential in deep tech solutions. This increased investor activity bodes well for the future of ActLight and other pioneering companies pushing boundaries in this sector.
  • Focus on Growth-Stage Companies: Tech Tour Growth Deep Tech 2024’s focus on later-stage companies (Series A+ onwards) signifies a shift towards supporting and scaling deep tech innovations beyond the early stages. This ensures that promising ideas have the resources and support needed to transition from research and development to market-ready solutions.
  • Cross-Border Collaboration: The inclusion of European and Israeli companies at the event highlights the importance of fostering a global deep tech ecosystem. By encouraging collaboration across borders, we can accelerate advancements and maximize the impact of deep tech solutions on a global scale. ActLight believes that geographically diverse partnerships can lead to a richer exchange of ideas and expertise, ultimately leading to faster innovation and more impactful solutions.

ActLight’s participation in Tech Tour Growth Deep Tech 2024 was a significant step forward. The event provided a valuable platform to showcase not only its innovative technology but also its commitment to fostering a secure and collaborative deep tech ecosystem. By prioritising secure innovation and collaborative partnerships, ActLight is confident that it can play a key role in shaping the future of the deep tech industry.

Developing cutting-edge technology? Explore ActLight’s DPD technology or reach out directly to ActLight’s CCO, Roberto Magnifico.