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ActLight’s Dynamic PhotoDetector (DPD) technology introduces a revolutionary approach to light sensing.

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High Sensitivity

Traditionally, photodiodes rely on a constant reverse bias voltage to produce a weak photocurrent, necessitating additional amplification. ActLight’s DPD technology tunes sensitivity down to a single photon. By operating at pulsed voltages with a forward bias inducing a large current after a triggering time dependent on light intensity, DPD measures the delay time of the significant forward current, eliminating the need for amplification and ensuring high sensitivity even in low light conditions.

Low Voltage

Unlike traditional sensors, our DPD operates solely on Vdd, eliminating the need for high voltage and streamlining system design. This low-voltage feature not only enhances energy efficiency but also simplifies integration across various applications. With ActLight’s DPD, unlock unparalleled performance while minimizing power consumption.

Low Cost

ActLight achieves cost-effectiveness through the use of low-cost technologies such as standard CMOS in fabricating the DPD sensor. The Embedded DPD version, designed with integrated Front-End circuits on the same chip, further reduces costs by minimizing silicon area through the absence of complex analog circuits.


Our DPD sensors are engineered for compactness without sacrificing performance. Utilizing advanced design and manufacturing techniques, they offer exceptional sensitivity, accuracy, and dynamic range in a smaller size. From wearables to smartphones, our technology enables superior light sensing capabilities in a compact form factor.

ActLight's DPD technology extends its versatility
through two main versions: Embedded and Stand-Alone.

Embedded DPD

Stand-Alone DPD


Biometric sensors for wearable devices

Hearable Devices

Smart Rings

Smart Watches

High Sensitivity Detectors for Smartphone Applications

Proximity Sensor

With ActLight, proximity sensing becomes more than just a feature – it becomes a seamless part of your smartphone experience.

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Ambient Light Sensor

With ActLight, every glance at your smartphone screen is a feast for the eyes.

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3D Sensor

From immersive gaming experiences to cutting-edge photography, ActLight-enabled smartphones redefine what’s possible with mobile imaging technology.

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Augmented Reality, Extended Reality, Virtual Reality

Discover boundless opportunities with ActLight's versatile solutions spanning a multitude of industries.

From healthcare to automotive and beyond, ActLight offers licensing opportunities tailored to diverse sectors. Our innovative technology, the Dynamic PhotoDetector, empower companies to innovate across various applications. With ActLight, it’s not about fitting into one industry mold – it’s about revolutionizing industries across the board.

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