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Next-gen wearables powered by ActLight

Discover how the Dynamic PhotoDetector (DPD) can transform the devices we know and love today, bringing unprecedented light sensitivity and performance to elevate consumer experiences.


Biometric sensors for wearable devices

Smart Watches

Premium timepieces are often synonymous with Swiss craftsmanship, renowned for their unparalleled quality and precision. We elevate this legacy with our state-of-the-art Dynamic PhotoDetector (DPD), a light sensor designed to revolutionize smartwatch capabilities, both mechanical and digital. Engineered to meet the exacting standards of Swiss excellence, our sensors deliver unprecedented light sensitivity, operating effectively even in the most challenging low-light conditions.

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Swiss Engineered

Hearable Devices

Elevate your hearable devices by seamlessly integrating them with ActLight’s Dynamic PhotoDetector (DPD). Bringing Swiss craftsmanship to the cutting-edge world of biometric sensors in earphones and hearables in general, our advanced DPD sensors transform hearables into sophisticated wellness companions, offering unparalleled accuracy in heart rate and activity monitoring.

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Swiss Engineered

Smart Rings

Elevate the capabilities of smart rings with ActLight's cutting-edge Dynamic PhotoDetector (DPD) technology. Specifically designed for integration into smart rings, our DPD sensors revolutionize biometric tracking and wellness monitoring right at your fingertips. Unlike traditional photodetectors, which struggle to capture accurate readings in the confined space of a smart ring, ActLight's DPD technology uses a dynamic mode of operation to deliver precise measurements. Additionally, our sensors excel in miniaturization, packing powerful sensing capabilities into the smallest possible form factor, enabling seamless integration into sleek and compact smart rings without compromising performance or accuracy.

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Swiss Engineered

High Sensitivity Detectors for Smartphone Applications

Proximity Sensor

With ActLight, proximity sensing becomes more than just a feature – it becomes a seamless part of your smartphone experience.

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Ambient Light Sensor

With ActLight, every glance at your smartphone screen is a feast for the eyes.

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3D Sensor

From immersive gaming experiences to cutting-edge photography, ActLight-enabled smartphones redefine what’s possible with mobile imaging technology.

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Augmented Reality, Extended Reality, Virtual Reality

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