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ActLight, a Swiss photonics technology firm known for its breakthrough Dynamic PhotoDiodes (DPD), has announced a project of next-generation sensors for low- energy heart rate sensing for wearable devices in cooperation with ON Semiconductor, driving innovation in energy efficient electronics.

“The healthcare industry is becoming more reliant on new methods to monitor and treat patients. This – along with an increased interest in fitness and wellness – has necessitated more affordable, precise, wearable sensing options,” commented Jakob Nielsen, Senior Manager, Consumer Health Product Line at ON Semiconductor. “Today‚Äôs smartwatches and wearables fall short of meeting customer expectations in regards to heartrate measurement precision and application battery life. Working with ActLight, we will help to bring next-generation heartrate sensors to the market that will address these requirements, and deliver a full sensing solution for integration in a multitude of MedTech and consumer electronics applications.”

“Our technology offers unique competitive advantages to our partners when compared to existing Photodiodes used in wearable heartrate solutions,” stated Serguei Okhonin, PhD, CEO of ActLight. “These include lower power consumption, simplified electronics, and smaller footprints, making it perfectly suitable for miniaturized wearable devices. We are happy to have support from ON Semiconductor and to share the potential of our heartrate sensing technology,” Mr. Okhonin continued.

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